Colts Reign Over Bears (Super Bowl XLI)

Super Bowl XLI marked a milestone as two African-American coaches went head to head for the first time ever, guaranteeing one of them would win for the first time. 

The Indianapolis Colts' 29-17 waterlogged victory Sunday in Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears at Dolphin Stadium. Officially, less than a half-inch of rain fell on Dolphin Stadium throughout the day. Yet the persistent drizzle, combined with winds, made the Super Bowl soggy and sloppy. 

Despite a raft of errors (three turnovers in the first half) and allowing the opening kickoff to be returned for a touchdown, the Colts showed the resiliency that got them to this point. In the end, the Colts never panicked and never got away from a running game that exhausted the bigger, badder Bears. 

What a great game! The halftime show didn’t disappoint as well as Prince kept his end of the bargain and kept it family-friendly. Performing on an illuminated stage shaped in his trademark symbol, Prince launched into Let's Go Crazy and Purple Rain. 

So what about the ads? Humor was top draw. I personally took a liking to the Bud Light ad about a guy who takes a Rock, Paper, Scissors game too literally — and tosses a real rock to win a Bud Light. With Super Bowl being the most watched night of the year – these 30-second slots demand a premium – with some estimated at more than $2.6 million. 

Super Bowl XLI captured 64% of total household viewing – highest HH share in the past five years. The game held the attention of females of all ages, especially the younger bracket while young men tuned out. Young men turned to Ad-Supported Cable for entertainment as share grew 14% among M2-11. 

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