Wired Cable Gains Momentum With “Triple-Play”!

The churn war started by cut-rate satellite TV offerings has been fierce over the last few years. But even in the face of stiff competition from satellite and now the Telco's, Cable has continued to preserve its overwhelming leadership. 

ADS penetration growth has begun to slow; leveling off at 25% and remaining constant over the past several months with Cable's fierce marketing of it's "Triple Play" - - high-speed Internet, television (linear TV plus Video on Demand) and telephone service over a single broadband connection - - showing great results. 

So in the face of stiff competition, Ad-Supported Cable's top notch programming continues to drive viewership throughout the day. Wired cable continues to experience solid growth remaining the best solution to reach top consumer prospects at the DMA and sub-DMA level. Please see below: 








*Total Ad-Supported Cable: Tuning to any national or local ad-supported cable network (includes national cable networks, ad supported regional channels and ad-supported local cable origination channels.)

 **Any Wired Cable: homes capable of receiving cable network programming via a hard wire to the home (includes wired cable homes that also subscribe to Alternate Delivery Systems (ADS), i.e. DBS, SMATV, MMDS, C-Band.)

 Note: During 2006, Nielsen rolled out the A/P meter to enable measurement of DVR homes which were previously withheld from the Nielsen sample as "technically difficult". Over 40% of these "technically difficult" homes were ADS homes. As they were added back to the sample, during 2006 there was an artificial bump of ADS in the sample while actual growth was close to flat.


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