Viewership in Wired Cable Homes Soars

Innovation fuels Cable’s growth.  Year after year, Cable actively and consistently re-invents itself to stay relevant. Cable has accelerated its addressable advertising, interactive marketing and e-commerce capabilities.
Consumer spending is on the rise with a projected $89 billion on cable services in 2010.  Additionally, Cable’s continuous investment into its programming ($23 billion in 2010) captures viewer’s hearts and programming awards.  Today, an impressive 67% of Cable’s total day schedule is comprised of original programming and that number will continue to grow as Cable’s programming investment rises.
Today, Wired Cable remains the dominant delivery system – reaching two out of the three households.  These homes tend to be more upscale and spend more on products and services.  Not only are these households desirable consumers, Cable viewing levels in wired cable homes continue to soar to new heights throughout the day.
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