Cable Viewership Is On The Rise In Wired Cable Homes

With all of the increased video options available today, consumers are consuming more media than ever before. They are adding video consumption platforms and not replacing them as more and more time is spent watching television – specifically cable television.

In an era of consumer control and personal attachment to video content that satisfies individual passions, cable is simply at its best. The combinations of linear and non-linear platforms provide planners and buyers with varied alternatives for reaching their target audience.

On a programming front - with a $23 billion investment in 2010, Cable’s investment into its programming produces quality edgy original programming. Today Cable originals comprise majority - 67% of programming on a total day basis.

Today, Wired Cable remains the dominant delivery system – reaching two out of the three households. These homes tend to be more upscale and spend more on products and services. Not only are these households desirable consumers, Cable viewing levels in wired cable homes continue to climb to new heights throughout the day.

Links below contain multiple slides.

Wired Cable Penetration
Wired Cable HH v. Broadcast Only v. ADS
Viewing Levels in Wired Cable HH

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