Week 48 of the 2007/08 Season (8/18-8/24/08)

*Live+SD viewing estimates.

In its 48th week of the 07/08 Season, Ad-Supported Cable captured 55.7% of total TV viewing – outpacing the Broadcast Seven by 19.1 share points.  Ad-Supported Cable experienced a decline in household viewership this week, while Broadcasts gain was driven by NBC’s Olympic Games.


As Cable continues to deliver top notch programming and puts consumers in control by offering them a range of flexible options to serve their entertainment and information needs, there is no question that Cable will continue to flourish.

Total Day:

Ad-Supported Cable delivered 22.1 million homes in its forty-eighth week of 07/08 Season on a Total Day basis - generating a 26.1 spread with Broadcasts’ Big Four.

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