Week 1 of the 2008/09 Season (9/22 - 9/28/08)

*Live+SD viewing estimates. 

This week marks the beginning of the 08/09 Season with Ad-Supported Cable capturing 57.2% of total TV viewing - outpacing the Broadcast Seven by 19.7 share points.  Ad-Supported Cable's viewership grew to an amazing 4,748,000 homes from year ago to 40.4 million.  

Week 1

As Cable continues to deliver top notch programming and puts consumers in control by offering them a range of flexible options to serve their entertainment and information needs, there is no question that Cable will continue to flourish.  

Total Day:
Ad-Supported Cable delivered 23.0 million homes in its first week of 08/09 Season on a Total Day basis - generating a 28.7 spread with Broadcasts' Big Four.

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