A Month in the life of CABLE NATION

Cable Nation

In March 2011:

  • Cable captured 84% of all the national ad-supported rating points (18-49 - total day) and 68% of primetime rating points (Nielsen)
    • 80% of Sports rating points (total day)
    • 73% of Drama
    • 89% of Comedy
    • 98% of Kids
    • 97% of Movies

  • Branded Cable sites on the Internet were among the top five traffic sites across nine content genres: Sports, Comedy, Weather, News, Food, Kids, Music, Entertainment News and TV Entertainment (comScore)
  • The average US household spent nearly one-third of its total waking hours consuming ad-supported Cable TV brands (Nielsen)
  • 76% of all ad-supported Cable programs were original; 2020 original ad-supported Cable programs (Nielsen)
  • 80% of ad-supported Cable was viewed live in DVR Households (18-49 primetime)(Nielsen)
  • Some Cable operators launched "I+" to provide blanket coverage in local TV markets - combining Cable's local footprint with alternative delivery systems such as Direct TV, Verizon FIOS & AT&T U-Verse (NCC)
  • Advanced advertising usage surged in local markets: interactive & on-demand overlays, VOD telescoping and voting/polling enabling ads were embraced by dozens of top marketers.
  • March saw significant news in addressable advertising. A major agency group and a major cable operator announced that five advertiser brands had split a single 30-second avail in the New York market.

A Month in the life of Cable Nation

CABLE NATION Press Release

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