Cable Upfront Grew 5%: $9.8B in Ad Spend

  • 5% Volume Growth Fueled By Increased Demand for Original Content & Multi-Screen Brands
  • 46% Raise From US Advertisers Over Past 3 Upfronts Solidifies Cable as US's Lead Media Vehicle
  • Highest-Ever Cable TV Upfront Also Saw More Multi-Platform Deals Than Ever

New York, NY - September 17, 2012 - The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB) today issued figures detailing the ad dollar volume gained by branded national Cable networks in the recently completed "Upfront" TV/Video advertising market.

Cable's 2012/2013 Upfront ad dollars totaled to $9.8 Billion, a 5% raise from US advertisers versus the previous upfront.

The $500 million in additional advertiser investment further builds on Cable's record momentum in dollar volume gains over the past three Upfronts:

2012/2013: $9,797MM (plus 5% & up $511MM)

2011/2012: $9,286MM (plus 16% & up $1,283MM)

2010/2011: $8,003MM (plus 19% & up $1,278MM)

2009/2010: $6,725MM (minus -13% & down $875MM)

2008/2009: $7,600MM (plus 9.3% & up $600MM)

2007/2008: $7,000MM

The CAB also cited three main reasons for highest-ever advertiser investment in Cable Networks during the recent Upfront market:

"Being in constant touch with agencies and advertisers we are told that Cable brands are being relied on to play an ever-larger and leading role for US advertisers in driving their consumer sales. The three reasons most cited by advertisers are: the strength of the consumer connectivity to these world class content brands; the high quality of the original programming content that is now pervasive across Cable brands; and the fact that network Cable brands have grown audiences to a lead position on every form of video advertising screen." said CAB President and CEO Sean Cunningham.

Founded in 1980, the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau is a television advertising advocacy group dedicated to providing advertisers and their agencies with the most current, complete and actionable media insights at the national, DMA and local levels.

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