Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau's 'One TV World' Upfront Strategy Reinforced Through 'More TV, More Video' Message

Aggressive National & Local Outreach Planned

The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB) in anticipation of an increasingly complex advertising marketplace announced details regarding its upfront strategy today. The commencement of upfront meetings reflects the CAB's belief that advertisers and their agencies need to be reached earlier than ever before to adequately plan for the linear and emerging non-linear options available to them. To date, the 2006 presentations have reinforced the organization's belief that viewers see television universally and that more TV and video options will be critical to a media plan - ultimately driving consumers further down the sales continuum.

"Feedback from our small group selling sessions has confirmed our belief that decision makers are hungry for understanding the full range of video advertising options and the role each can play in their media plans," said Sean Cunningham, president and CEO of the CAB. "Advertisers need additional time to balance their core linear 30-second TV deployment options with the new and emerging non-linear options."

One TV World Reinforced Through 'More TV, More Video' Message

The CAB's One TV World message is enhanced by the theme of "More TV, More Video" and the key elements advertisers need 'more' of from their media plans. CAB's message to advertisers clearly demonstrates that cable TV and video generate the 'more' they are in search of including:

  • More Weeks of Advertising
  • More Brands Advertised
  • More Promotional Opportunities
  • More Non-Linear Learning Insights
  • More Engaged Customers
  • More Local Relevance
  • More Advertising; Same Budget
Cable's Perpetual Reach Gains: The Engine That Powers the 'More'

Cable's perpetual ratings and reach gains are the engine that is driving the theory of 'more'. CAB's presentation devotes significant time to how ad-supported cable's continued growth across all demographic groups and the achievement of reach parity with broadcast television is serving as a critical driver behind selling strategies. Additionally, other critical elements include the power of viewer immersion into branded television, as well as the full range of geographic targeting options available to advertisers.

"With the infinite variety of emerging media options the U.S. consumer has at their fingertips, advertisers and their agencies are very encouraged that TV remains a vibrant selling medium," added Cunningham. "This reinforces our belief that hiding in plain site is a growth engine called TV."

Founded in 1980, the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau ( is a television advertising advocacy group dedicated to providing advertisers and their agencies with the most current, complete and actionable media insights at the national, DMA and local levels.

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