CAB’s annually-updated TV Facts is an essential pocket-sized media planning tool that contains 120+ pages of data, graphs and charts highlighting the extraordinary growth and value of Cable in the changing TV landscape.

The 2006 TV Facts Book is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the evaluation, planning or buying of media. It contains up-to-date information on traditional mediums. This concise reference guide is designed to help support sound advertising plans in an increasingly segmented and complex marketing environment, with all the important facts and charts at your fingertips, demonstrating cable's key marketing advantages.

For MSOs and Cable Networks: This guide demonstrates Cable's key advertising advantages to both advertisers and advertising agencies. It is also a valuable direct mail piece for key clients and prospects, or can be a valuable leave-behind. This one-of-a-kind publication provides you with the information necessary to make crucial sales points or address any of the objections that you may encounter when discussing cable advertising.

For Advertisers and Agencies: TV Facts is available at no charge (in quantities up to 20) and is a valuable resource in identifying ways of using Cable to optimize media budgets.

To order, download and complete the form below:

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Contact Nancy Lagos if you'd like to obtain a copy.

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