2010 Creative Commercial Production Winners

Long Form

  • Jay Elliott, Margaret Crowe, Owen Weber, Serena Moy Somers, Susanna Negovan

    Comcast Spotlight – Chicago, IL

    Client: Jade Dragon, “Jade Dragon VOD”

Public Service Announcement

  • Lauren Bellizzi

    Comcast Spotlight – Bloomfield, NJ

    Client: YWCA of Eastern Union County, “Victim”

Multiplatform Commercial

  • Nancy Newman, Jerry Soverinsky and Serena Moy Somers

    Comcast Spotlight – Chicago, IL

    Client: Nova Scotia Tourism/Flynovascotia.com, “Nova Scotia Neighbors”

Single Commercial Less than 100,000 Subscribers

  • Jason Heaster

    Charter Media – San Luis Obispo, CA

    Client: Zierman Plumbing, “Plumbing Problem”

Single Commercial 100,000-500,000 Subscribers

  • Brian Pienkoski and Rochester Production Team

    Time Warner Cable Media Sales – Pittsford, NY

    Client: American Red Cross, “Calendar”

Single Commercial Over 500,000 Subscribers

  • Al Larson, Laurie Keebler, Courtney Aguila, Ben Taylor

    Bright House Networks – Riverview, FL

    Client: GrillSmith Restaurant, “Sunday Brunch”

Multiple Commercial Campaigns

  • Mark Cohen, Jen Rettig, Matt Sposato, Clay Marvan

    Comcast Spotlight – Denver, CO

    Client:Carpet Mill, "Flooring That Goes Further Campaign"

Ad Sales Self-Promotion

  • Jason Pollock

    Charter Media – Olivetti, MO

    Client: Charter Media, “Mobile Marketing 2 min. Overview”

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