On-demand Television’s Coming of Age

On-demand television capabilities have shown rapid development and are poised to become the tool that will deliver the next important set of television advertising capabilities for marketers of all size and scope. Many marketers have gone from a toe in the water to jumping in with both feet making a splash with messaging that reaches the consumer when they’re motivated and engaged.

Ad trials are working for advertisers in some of marketing’s preeminent categories including automotive, packaged goods, financial services and retailing. The success of these trials and the quantifiable results have gotten testers poised for roll-out mode with the next wave of testers including those in the real estate, healthcare, political, direct and movie categories. Each industry is working through their results and learning in real time how to optimize offerings to audiences of self-selected prospects.

For every high-interest subject or content genre there has been a cable network there to deliver relevant programming. On-demand content delivered as an extension of these branded TV networks would be a self-evident draw. The second strength of branded networks was that subject-predisposed viewers would be open to a multiplicity of product advertising propositions that they could drill down into at their own discretion. Early results demonstrate that the combination of on-demand capability with branded network programming is an effective way of reaching the motivated consumer.

With the overwhelming capacity advantage in the U.S. television marketplace, cable operators are the sole television entities able to currently deliver a robust on-demand experience. With that said, the subject pre-disposition and stickiness of branded television networks in combination with the sheer capacity cable operators can deliver will provide an on-demand television experience that pays off for the viewer and advertiser.

The on-demand advertising clients of cable networks and cable operators have learned a lot about the new ability to engage customers and leverage a deeper selling message on their primary medium. Testers are becoming sold, more testers are entering the fold and many are already in ‘roll-out’ mode. It’s time to put on-demand advertising to the test and ensure it becomes the most targeted extension of television marketing currently available.

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