Mission & Overview

The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, cable’s customer facing 501-(c)-(6)-trade association:

The unified voice of the cable advertising sales industry that lobbies for:

  • More Ad Revenue
  • Better Ad Processes
  • A Cable Dominated Future

Lobbying is direct to Advertising Agencies and the Advertisers themselves via...

  • Live Presentations
  • Research Insights
  • PR/Publicity
  • Digital Forums, Live Forums
  • Collaboration – Standards & Practices

About Cab Membership

CAB's member organizations include virtually all of the national and regional ad-supported cable networks; system operators and interconnects representing more than 90 percent of all U.S. cable subscribers; and suppliers to the cable advertising business.

All of these organizations actively work together through CAB to further increase awareness of the power of cable as an advertising medium; and to make cable an increasingly effective marketing environment for advertisers throughout the U.S.-nationally, regionally and locally.

Interested in joining the CAB as a member? Visit the Membership Information page.

For more information on cable advertising or CAB's mission, call us at 212-508-1200 or simply e-mail us with any questions.

To access CAB’s 990 form, click here.