Cable Nation: Reports

Welcome to the CAB’s Diversity Marketing Resources, a one-stop source for marketers seeking to understand and reach the African American and Hispanic consumer segments.

The days of "mass" marketing are dying quickly, and savvy marketers are recognizing the need to understand the various components of our Multicultural Nation which is the new "general market." As the television industry that most closely and genuinely mirrors society, cable is the best way to reach these consumers.

This site provides essential demographics, psychographics, television viewing trends, media-consumption data and marketing insights as well as the latest and best cable programming options for marketers looking to reach them.

The more you know about your consumer, the better cable works for you.

African American

The Black consumer market continues to become more valuable, with buying power expected to exceed $1.2 trillion.  It is imperative that marketers understand the opportunity and potential upside that marketing to this powerful segment represents.  For marketers to make informed decisions about which media is most effective and how to best position their products to appeal to the Black Consumer, it is essential that they are armed with relevant, timely and actionable insights and data. is an initiative spearheaded by the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau and in collaboration with leading research companies, market researchers and targeted agencies. It is designed to be the “go to” site for data, insights, best-practices, strategies and case studies all directed to the Black Consumer. 

Hispanics and Cable

This section provides information to help marketers understand the evolving relationship between cable television and Hispanic consumers. The charts in this section reveal how Cable is an integral component of Latino media habits and some of the latest research trends on their viewership.

Outlined in this section is a brief overview of the leading Hispanic targeted cable networks that are members of the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau.