Why TV Brands?

Video usage and availability in the US has exploded in the past few years. With this infusion of new technology and content options, consumers expect sharp, clear video to be available instantly – at an arm’s length.

In this new era of exponential choice and personalization consumers still overwhelming rely on one source for video – television. Television remains by far the lead video option – it comprises over 90% of video time. Television’s substantial investment in original programming has created a litany of buzz worthy programs that dominant US video. This investment in compelling, original content is driving viewers across screens and platforms. The consumer’s connection and passion for TV branded content is further evident by their eagerness to discuss and debate these programs in social media.

Why TV Brands?

Wondering why you should advertise on TV? This presentation presents a high level look at Television branded content’s place within the video ecosystem and its dominance all screens and platforms.

Power of Branded TV Content v. Other Media

his report highlights the strength of branded TV content and how to compete with newspapers, radio and magazines by showcasing Television’s strength.

Media Consumption Habits

This section focuses on cable’s dominance against teens, males, females, affluent HHI, college degree+ and families in metrics like time spent, ratings, share and video consumption.

Media Comparisons

This document outlines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and future threats for television (broadcast & ad-supported Cable), internet, magazines, newspapers, radio, outdoor, mobile, social and direct mail.

Local Cable

This section focuses specifically on local cable planning, buying and measurement. Whether you are looking for answers to frequently asked questions, contact information for a specific cable system, avail times, major market interconnects or insight into local measurement we have it covered.