Industry News

February 26th ,2015

Emerging Cable Network WGN America Looks to Cast Its Spell Over SXSW Film

WGN America is turning SXSW into a Witches' Playground

February 24th, 2015

Which Cable Channel Is in the Most Homes?

A new list based on Nielsen estimates reveals that the cable channel that is in the most U.S. homes is The Weather Channel

February 17, 2015

TV Upfront Spend Shifts, Cable Grows Steadily

Cable share of the upfront market has grown steadily to a 50.5%

February 11th, 2015

Jon Stewart Leaving 'The Daily Show'

Jon Stewart, the comedian who turned Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' into a sharp-edged nightly commentary is stepping down from the program after more than 16 years as its anchor.

What’s New

”Connecting the Consumer“: CES 2015

This whitepaper focuses on the major trends and innovations showcased at this year’s International CES and their potential implications for consumers and marketers.

Power of Branded TV Content v. Other Media

This report highlights the strength of branded TV content and how to compete with newspapers, radio and magazines by showcasing Television’s strength.

Get Real: Video Advertising 2015

Fact vs. Perception On The Video Frontier. This report shows that the overwhelming majority of consumer attention is concentrated on multiscreen TV content.

Multi-Screen Insights

Time spent with digital video has grown but still only represents a nominal share (8% P18-49) of total video time. Television commands over 90% of total video time across key advertiser targets.

Pause…for DVR Insights

DVR penetration has slowed, nearing maturity. These homes spend 39% more time with TV in Primetime (A18-49) and ‘Live TV’ is still the norm, representing over three-quarters of total time spent with the television.

CAB’s 2015 Video Facts – #1 Insights Source

An effective pocket sized marketing tool that contains 120+ pages of up-to-date insights on all major media; highlighting the distinguished value of Cable brands across all video screens.